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The 32nd Annual Christian Farmers Outreach Luncheon was held April 6, 2019 at Pleasant Valley Fire Hall, near Westminster, Md. Keynote Speaker Adam Nathanson, excited the packed hall relating several thrilling adventures from his ministry.

Adam is a missionary from Maryland who has been a long-time friend of Christian Farmers and a prolific user of CFO materials. He has also introduced CFO to several pastors and ministries now partnering with us.

Frontline warrior for the Lord
Years ago, Nathanson planted two churches in Venezuela and still remains closely connected with them. He is also active in ministry in Cuba plus several South American countries. He shared about his latest trip to tumultuous Venezuela where the churches have become the lifeblood of the people. Millions there are struggling to find food, medicines, and fuel under the current socialist rule. He said: “Our churchesare scrambling to find food just to provide one meal a day.”

Cuba, his ministry found success using CFO materials with the crowds at baseball games that their
team plays with other teams in that country. His ministry strives to reach people for the Lord where their hearts are – be it in the streets or on the ballfields – and is effective.

Nathanson likens the battle to bring hope to thousands in Latin America with the waves on the sea shores.
The crowd also saw an exclusive video message from U.S. Ambassador-at- Large for Religious Freedom Samuel Brownback. Brownback was scheduled to share the keynote message, but was called out of town at the last minute.

The long-time friend of CFO Founder Wilson Lippy shared his appreciation for CFO. He also reflected on the global battle for religious freedom. Delicious food, anointed music, CFO testimonies and a ministry update completed the program. Plan to attend the 2020 Luncheon on April 4.

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