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Thomas testimony is a wonderful example of how the Lord leads CFO’s ministry.

In July, Mariam “Mim” Thomas of Lititz, Pa. called the CFO office. She explained that while I didn’t know her, she had been stringing beads on rawhides for a few years and was a strong believer in and supporter of Christian Farmers Outreach.

Our conversation continued: Her son-in-law Jamie Farr is Senior Director of People Engagement for Wycliffe Bible Translators. They had just finished a Bible translation for one of the tribes in Papua, New Guinea. Wycliffe was planning a celebration there. Thomas and Jamie thought it might be a good idea to use the rawhide bracelets as part of the children’s portion of the ceremony, and asked if that would be okay. Jamie, she added, was familiar with the beads and the presentation tracts CFO uses. I agreed that it would be okay and asked if they might take some photos to share with us after the ceremony.

As it turned out, Mim was able to attend the ceremony. And the Lord had even bigger plans for using our material in New Guinea.

Thomas brought some photos to us in September and shared how the Lord had expanded the use of the beads during their time in this South Pacific country. The pictures surrounding this article come from that trip. But we want you to see the results in Mim’s own words.

Mim’s Story

Nothing short of an amazing trip

God gave me an amazing opportunity to go to Papua, New Guinea, with my daughter and her family to attend the Bible Translation Celebration. My son-in-law, Jamie Farr, had grown up there where his parents were translators with Wycliffe Bible Translators. This was the second people group his parents had worked with and had completed translating the New Testament into the Baruga heart language.

One morning was to be kid ministry, and Jamie said they wanted to do the salvation bracelets. I had done bracelets with Christian Farmers and wondered if they would supply the materials. You graciously did so. Our first ministry event had 200 kids attending. We divided them into groups and taught a Bible verse and then one of Jesus’ stories. Then each group had to do a skit about it.

Next, Jamie explained the message of the beads and the kids again met in their groups. Their ‘teachers’ again explained salvation according to the beads. Then, the kids pieced their bracelets together.

Onward to Korafe

After the celebration in the Baruga village was over, our family went to the Korafe group where Jamie grew up. This people group had a little higher standard of living because they were so close to the ocean and could fish.

They also had a school where Jamie’s Mom had taught many of them to read. We again had a kids program one afternoon and followed a similar program. When the kids were doing their skits, many parents and other kids came to watch.

After Jamie explained the bead message, the kids lined up and were given their leathers. The beads were in dishes according to their colors and lined up in the order they went on the leathers.

At the end of the line, several of us helped with the last knot and tied them on the wrists. Then, we gave them a blessing.

The salvation message of the beads spread to other villages, a women’s conference and beyond.

Amazingly, most of the ‘watchers’ also wanted bracelets. One of the Bible study teachers was so excited by the simple way of explaining God’s salvation that she asked for supplies for 100 to take to a women’s conference in nearby Tufi.

On Sunday, Jamie also presented the salvation message with beads at the church he attended as a child. About 75 people received their own bracelets.

When it was time to leave, we went to Tufi to get our plane. Tufi was where the women were meeting. So we visited there, and the president of the Womens’ Fellowship was so excited about the simplicity of the message of salvation with the beads that she wanted supplies to share in her home city. We gave her all that we had.

We also met a pastor who had received a bracelet. Again, he was so thankful to have a simple way to share salvation. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of this ministry.

Postscript . . .

CFO also received a short video interview of Jamie Farr talking with Papua’s Pastor Daidan about the use of the rawhides. Farr and Pastor Daidan are featured on our cover. Farr also relayed a “thank you” letter from the president of the Women’s Fellowship.

This is just one example of how the Lord is blessing and using CFO. It is proving to us each day that if we let Him be in charge, this ministry will prosper and He will be honored.

We are mindful of what the Matthew 24:14 says: “And this Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world, and then the end will come.”

By Lou Enoff

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